Photo Gallery
of Thomas Dollin Descendants

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We invite family members and friends of the Dollin family to download the 'full sized' versions of these family photographs from the page links below onto their computers. Sharing copies of these photographs in this way will help preserve these irreplaceable images.

Some new images have been added in January 2008 and others have been improved. These changed photographs are highlighted in yellow below.

Warm thanks to the members of the extended Dollin Family who have supplied additional photographs for this gallery: Clare Beaver, Barrie Dollin, Wendy Dollin, Doris Lock and Louise Drew, Lynette Martin, and Jody Wood!

Dollin Family Tree

First Generation in Australia

Thomas Dollin

Mary Ann Dollin nee Amor

Thomas & Mary Ann Dollin with children and grandchildren at Rooty Hill in about 1886

Mary Ann Dollin nee Amor

Mary Ann with her mother, Isyphena Andrews

Second Generation in Australia

George Albert Dollin

Mary Ann Dollin nee Andrews

Mary Ann Dollin nee Andrews

George & Mary Ann

George & Mary Ann

George & Mary Ann

George & Mary Ann & children

George & Mary Ann & children

Dugald Mackellar and family

Dugald & Mary Ann Mackellar

James Whitbread with Albert Dollin

Third Generation in Australia

Caroline Dollin

Caroline Dollin & children

Violet Dollin

Henry Thomas Dollin

Albert Dollin

Tom Dollin

Roy Dollin

Roy Dollin

Roy and Norman Dollin

Norman Dollin

Wilton and Ada Dollin

Septimus Dollin

Jack Hunter Dollin

Eric Dollin

Beryl Dollin

Lancelot (Bill) and Beryl Dollin

Silvia Dollin Remembrance

Dollin Brothers

Dollin Brothers & Beryl

Dollin Brothers & Colleen

Dollin Wives

Dollin Cricket Team

Dollins in St Marys Cricket Team

Dollins at Tennis Outing

Dollin Family Picnic

Dollin Family Tree

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