Family of Thomas Dollin: Fifth Generation in Australia

The Fifth Generation of the Thomas Dollin Family in Australia

My sister, Carol, and I are fifth generation descendants from Thomas Dollin who immigrated to Australia in 1857:

1st generation: Thomas Dollin
2nd generation: George Albert Dollin
3rd generation: Norman Dollin
4th generation: Norman John (Jack) Dollin
5th generation: Leslie Dollin (the author)

On this website I have only covered direct descendants from my grandfather, Norman Dollin, in the fourth and fifth generations

However, most of the fourteen brothers and sisters of Norman Dollin in the third generation also married and had children. So there are hundreds of descendants of the Thomas Dollin family in Australia today.

We invite these other members of the Thomas Dollin family to present their own family trees and family histories on their own websites!

Once you have done this, please let us know and we will exchange links with your site. Contact Us.

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