The Dollin Family Tree

The following Dollin family tree begins with the ancestors in England in the 1800s, John Dollin and Mary Ann Gould and works down through five generations of Dollins in Australia to the author, Les Dollin, at the present time.

Four branches of this Dollin Family immigrated to Australia and three of these (from Henry Dollin, Thomas Dollin and Jane Dollin) established families in Australia. These branches are shown in green.

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Much of the information about the early Dollin ancestors in England was derived from the Genuki website that provides a valuable online transcript by Phil Mustoe of baptisms, marriages and burials in Dunster, Somerset, England.

Other valuable information came from family historians, Kerry McConnell and Lyn Forde, and from many Dollin family members including Clare Beaver, Reg and Doris Lock, Lynette Martin, Margaret Morters, Phil and Louise Drew, Kristine Wood, Barry Dollin, Joan Dollin, Gloria Dollin, Wendy Dollin and Les Dollin.

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