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We have been looking at the earliest Dollin family records that we could find in the various counties of England, in an attempt to find links between these family groups.

The English counties where we have found significant Dollin family groups in the early records are:

-- Devon
Somerset (including Dunster and Taunton) Updated
Dorset (including Lyme Regis) Updated
-- Hertfordshire
(including Kimpton)
-- Hampshire
-- London and Middlesex
-- Berkshire

Click on the above links to see the earliest Dollin records that we have found in these areas.

If you can add to this information or help with this research, please Contact Us.

This information is based on:

-- UK census records,
-- UK births, deaths and marriages records,
-- parish register films from Dunster and Taunton,
-- public family trees on the Ancestry website, and
-- details supplied to us personally by Dollin family descendants.

UK Census Records

Excellent family history information is available from the UK census records of 1841 to 1901.

In our research, we have focussed mainly on records of individuals whose surnames were spelled 'Dollin' by the census collector. However, in other census records these same families can be found with the surname spelled differently. For instance: Dollen, Dollyn, Dollan, Dallin, Dollins, Dolling.

Original spellings are sometimes also mistranscribed in the modern indexes of the census records. For instance the name 'Dollin' might be transcribed as 'Doltin'. This complicates the process of piecing together the family connections.

Parish Register Records

We have looked for Dollin records on microfilmed parish registers so far from:

-- St George Church, Dunster, Somerset
-- St James Church, Taunton, Somerset
-- Holy Trinity Church, Taunton, Somerset
-- St Mary Magdalene Church, Taunton, Somerset

Finding family baptisms, marriages and burials on these films is a laborious task and the earlier the record is, the less information is provided.

-- Baptisms in the 1800s may list the child's name, both parents' names, their abode and the father's trade.
-- Earlier records only list the father's name.
-- Even earlier ones may be virtually illegible and/or in Latin.

Online transcribed indexes exist for some parish registers but most are still only available in microfilm form.

Can You Help Us?

We found a large number of early Dollin baptisms in the 1600s and 1700s in the parish registers of St George Church, Dunster. However, there are hundreds of parish churches in England, each with their own parish registers. Can you help us to find more early records?

Has anyone found Dollin records in the 1700s or earlier from other parishes in England?

In particular, has anyone looked at any early parish records in Kimpton, Hertfordshire?

Please Contact Us!

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