Early Dollin Family Trees
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Early Dollin Family Trees in England > Devon

Several public family trees on the Ancestory website, including the Phillips Family Tree, trace a line of Dollin ancestors in Devon that dates back to 1525. The key individuals in this line are as follows:

William Dollin b 1525 in Devon (married Mary Skiner)
William Dollin b 1554 in Devon (married Joan Gibb)
James Dollin b 1585 in Devon (married Thomasen)
James Dollin b 1620 in Devon (married Mary Scot)
James Dollin b 1660 in Devon (married ?)
Robert Dooling b 1686 in Ireland (married ?)

Robert Dooling migrated to USA and died in Essex, Virginia in 1744.

UK Census Records

Despite these early ancestors, there were few UK census records in Devon of individuals with the exact surname 'Dollin', between 1841 and 1901.

-- In the 1841 census there were three William Dollins born in 1781, 1808 and 1839 respectively.

-- In the 1851 census, there was a William Dollin b 1784 with his wife, Martha, and two children, John and Sophia.

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