Early Dollin Family Trees
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Early Dollin Family Trees in England > Berkshire

Two Dollin families were found in the Berkshire census records of 1861 to 1891.

One family appeared in the 1881 census:

George Dollin (b 1846 in Burnham, Buckinghamshire) and his wife, Louisa, and children:

-- Thomas G Dollin - b 1871
-- Charles H Dollin - b 1877
-- Ellen L Dollin - b 1879

The second family was found in the 1861, 1881 and 1891 census records:

Thomas Dollin
b 1818

Born in Hemel Hampstead or Redbourne, Hertfordshire.

Gamekeeper. Married Elizabeth in about the early 1840s.

Was living in Winkfield, Berkshire, during the 1861 and 1881 census records. Was living in New Road, Berkshire during the 1891 census.

Children of Thomas Dollin and Elizabeth

Mary Ann Dollin - b 1844 Grundon, Durham
Elizabeth Ann Dollin - b 1850 in Sunninghill, Berkshire; married a Mr Franklin
Ellen Dollin - b 1852 in Sunninghill, Berkshire
William Dollin - b 1854 in Sunninghill, Berkshire; married Annie Standon
Eliza Dollin - b 1859 in Winkfield, Berkshire
Charles Dollin - b 1860 in Winkfield, Berkshire; groom, domestic servant
Louisa Dollin - b 1862 in Winkfield, Berkshire; married Frederick Rose

William Dollin
b 1854

Born in Sunninghill, Berkshire. Son of Thomas Dollin and Elizabeth.

Gamekeeper. Married Annie Standon (b 1864 Linwood, Sussex)

Lived in Croydon, Surrey, during the 1891 census. Was living in Ashby St Ledgers, Northamptonshire, during the 1901 census.

Children of William Dollin and Annie Standon

Blanche Beatrice Dollin - b 1892 Kent
Thomas William Dollin - b 1896 in Surrey
Hilda May Dollin - b 1898 in Surrey
Martin Douglas Dollin - b 1900 in Northamptonshire
Amelia Violet Dollin - b 1902 in Staffordshire
Francis Leslie Dollin - b 1904 in Staffordshire

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