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Early Documentation in the 1200s

A Dollin family history document given to us by a Dollin family in Chard listed the following early Dollin records:

-- 1243: William Dolling on the Assize Rolls of Somerset

-- 1275: Peter Dollyng on the Subsidy Rolls of Worchestershire

-- 1216-1272: Thomas Dollyng, John Dolling and Richard Dollyng on the Exchequer Rolls in Somerset of the reign of Kind Edward I

Dunster Records in the 1500s and 1600s

The parish records of St George Church in Dunster, Somerset, include baptisms, marriages and burials of Dollins dating back to at least the 1500s.

The records from the 1500s on these registers are very difficult to read. However, Kerry McConnell kindly transcribed many records from the 1600s onwards for us. Further details were found in a Transcript of Parish Registers for Dunster 1559-1680 that we viewed at the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton.

5-9-1590: Richard son of John Dollin

17-9-1597: Alice daughter of Jo. Dollin

24-6-1665: John son of John Dolen and ?Cheryly

17-10-1668: Alexander son of
John Dallon

28-10-1671: Henry son of
John Dollen and ?Cheryty

7-1-1674 (or 4-10-1674): Julian daughter of
John Dollin

3-3-1676: Phillip son of
John Dollin

12-4-1677: Robert son of
John Dollin

20-4-1670: Elizabeth daughter of Robert Dollin

?4-9-1675: Robert son of
Robert Dollin

17-4-1680: John son of
Robert Dollin

8-4-1675: Thomas son of George Dollin

26-5-1675: Mary daughter of Phillip Dollin

Kerry McConnell pointed out that four Dollin men (John, Robert, George and Phillip) were all having children baptised in the St George Parish Church at Dunster in the 1770s decade. She suggested that these four men might be brothers.

Reconstructing records this far back is very difficult as the information available is so limited. However, it might be useful to present our theories as they stand at present. This is research in progress and if anyone can assist us with this section, could you please contact us?

Our suggested tree for the above individuals, with their possible connections to later generations, is presented in the following chart.

The dashed lines on this chart indicate possible family links.

Phillip Dollin b 1676
Elsewhere on this website we describe the family of a Phillip Dollin who was born before 1690 and lived in Dunster with his two sons in the 1700s. Phillip Dollin is not a common name. The baptism record of the Phillip Dollin shown in the chart above (son of John, baptised in 1676) might be his baptism record.

Robert Dollin b 1677
We think that the main Dollin family described on this website might be traced back to a Robert Dollin born in the late 1670s or 1680s (see next section). There are two Robert Dollins in the chart above (baptised in 1675 and 1677) who might be the ancestor of this family.

Dunster Records in the 1700s

The following chart gives a reconstructed ancestry tree based on parish records in the 1700s of the Dollin family in the Dunster area of Somerset, England.

It begins with Robert Dollin, the father of Henry Dollin baptised in 1699 and works down through four generations of Dollins in Dunster, England, to our direct ancestors, John Dollin and Mary Ann Gould, married in 1820.

It is based on baptism, marriage and burial records in the St George Church, Dunster. The parish records of this church on microfilm were kindly examined in detail for the Dollin family by Kerry McConnell. A valuable online transcript of most of these records has also been prepared by Phil Mustoe on the Genuki website.

Click on the blue underlined links in the diagram below to read more about the individuals and families in the Dollin family tree!

In this chart: b = baptism date; m = marriage date; d = death date

The key individuals represented in this chart are:

-- Henry Dollin b 1699; Robert Dollin b 1700; John Dollin b 1701(married Joan Frances); Thomas Dollin b 1702; Ann Dollin b 1708; Richard Dollin b 1710; Jane Dollin b 1715;

-- Betty Dollin b 1726; Mary Dollin b 1728; John Dollin b 1729; Mary Dollin b 1733 (married John Nickless) Robert Dollin b 1737; Robert Dollin b 1739; Anne Dollin b 1741; Joan Dollin b 1743 (married Robert Sculley); Jane Dollin b 1745 (married Thomas Waye);

-- William Dollin b 1734; Thomas Dollin b 1736; Elnor Dollin b 1736; Thomas Dollin b 1739;

-- John Dollin b 1754; Richard Dollin b 1755; Robert Dollin b 1758 (married Elizabeth/Betty Long); Thomas Dollin b 1761, Mary Dollin b 1763;

-- Hannah Dollin b 1788; Mary Dollin b 1790; Betty Dollin b 1791 and John Dollin b 1797 (married Mary Ann Gould).

Some other Dunster records that we were unable to place on our chart are:

Daughter of Henry and Anne Dollin
-- Mary Dollin b 1682

Daughter of John Dollon
--Anne Dollon b 1703

Marriage of George Dollin and Elizabeth Read 1734

Children of George Dollin
-- Robert Dollin b 1734
-- Grace Dollin b 1736; d 1742
-- Betty Dollan b 1739; d 1742

Daughter of William and Elizabeth Dollin
-- Mary Dollin b 1759

Somerset Records in the 1800s

(A) Family groups that are part of our own direct Dollin ancestry line

-- John Dollin (born in 1797) and his wife, Mary Ann Gould, and children in Dunster, 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871.

-- Robert Dollin (baptised in 1828) and his wife, Ann Burgess, and children in Bristol, 1871, 1881, 1891.

-- John Dollin (baptised in1826) and his wife Harriet Gill and/or children in Taunton, 1871, 1881, 1891.

-- Robert Henry Dollin (born in 1854) and his wife, Mary Ann Caddick and children in Bedminster, 1881, 1891.

(B) Other Somerset Dollin families that may not be connected with our direct ancestry line

-- Ambrose Dallyn in Dunster

-- Other Dollin Families in Taunton, Somerset

If you can add to this information or help with this research, please Contact Us.

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