Ambrose Dallyn in Dunster

Ambrose Dallyn
b 1810; d 29 Dec 1889

According to the Macdonald/Sawle tree on Ancestry website, Ambrose was born in Cutcombe Williton, Somerset on 11 May 1810. He was the son of William Ambrose Dallyn and Honor Greenslade.

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Ambrose Dallyn's first marriage was to Mary Greenslade in 1837 in Luxborough, Somerset.

In an 1840 Apportionment of Rent Charge document, Ambrose was listed as the occupier of a house, shop and garden on Portion 84 in West Street, Dunster.

In the 1861 census, Ambrose and Mary are listed living with a servant in West Street, Dunster in a draper shop. Ambrose was a Grocer and Mary was a draper.

In the 1871 census, Ambrose and Mary are listed living at Dartmouth, Devon.  Ambrose was a land owner.

Mary died in Williton on 15 May 1878 aged 73. She was buried in the churchyard of the St George Church, Dunster.

In the 1881 census, Ambrose was listed living with a niece housekeeper and a servant in High Street, Dunster.

His second marriage was to Jane Shepherd in 1884.

Ambrose Dallyn died on 29 Dec 1889 aged 78. In the St George Church burial register, his abode was given as Cleeve.

Ambrose Dallyn was buried in the churchyard of the St George Church, Dunster, with his first wife, Mary and his daughter, Elizabeth aged 7.

ambrose dallyn

Children of Ambrose Dallyn

Clarissa Dallyn
Elizabeth Greenslade Dallyn - b 1843; d 1843 in Cutcombe Williton
Elizabeth Dallyn - b 1844; d 1851 aged 7. She
was buried in the churchyard of the St George Church, Dunster with her parents (see photo).

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