English Ancestors of the
Dollin Family in Australia

Robert Dollin
Probably bap 5 Nov 1758; d 16 Apr 1837

Baptised in Dunster, Somerset, England.

To the best we can reconstruct records in this period, we believe that this Robert Dollin was:

-- the father of John Dollin who married Mary Ann Gould; and

-- the grandfather of Thomas Dollin who married Mary Ann Amor and immigrated to Australia.

The record of Robert's baptism in the Parish Records of St George's Church, Dunster, states that he was the son of John Dollin. This John Dollin would be Thomas Dollin's great grandfather.

So the family line would be:

John Dollin
Robert Dollin (m Elizabeth Long)
John Dollin (m Mary Ann Gould)
Thomas Dollin (m Mary Ann Amor)


Dunster Photo Gallery

Robert 'Dollen' married Elizabeth Long on 3 Feb 1788 in St George Church, Dunster. Robert's profession was a labourer.

St George Dunster
St Georges Church, Dunster, where Robert Dollin was both baptised and married. There are records of the Dollin family in this church going back at least into the 1500s.

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In a detailed 1840 document titled 'Apportionment of the Rent Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of Dunster', a Robert Dollin was listed as the occupier of a house and garden on Portion 104 at the end of Water Street (now known as Park Street)  -- see 1840 map.

So the picturesque thatched cottage that can be seen standing on portion 104 today would have been the home of Robert Dollin and his family in the 1830s.

park street dunster

The delightful thatched cottage at the end of Park Street (Water Street), Dunster, that was the home of Robert Dollin in the 1830s

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The 1840 Rent Charge document (described above) also showed that, adjacent to portion 104, were three other fields that were associated with the Dollin name:

-- portion 549 described as 'Dollins Meadow'
-- portion 553 described as 'Dollins Meadow (Water Street)'
-- portion 554 described as 'Dollins Garden'

(see 1840 map)

At the time when this document was drawn up, all three of these fields were occupied or used by other people: John Harvey and John Hole Junior. Robert at this time was in his 70s; so perhaps he had worked these three fields in earlier years prior to retiring and the fields were still associated with his name.

Today, at the end of Water Street, Dunster (now called Park Street) near the northern end of Gallox bridge, there is a childrens' playground. At the back of the playground is a large playing field with the name 'Dolland's Meadow' written on the gate. [Dollard is one of the many variations of spelling of the Dollin name.]

The playing field was given the name Dolland's Meadow because local people saw this name on an old map.

The playing field is on portions 553 and 554; and the children's playground has been built on portion 549 -- all associated with the Dollin name in the 1840 Apportionment of Rent Charge document.

Right: Les Dollin visits Dolland's Meadow in Park Street, Dunster, in 2012

dollands meadow dunster

The St George Church, Dunster, burial register records a Robert Dollin who was buried in Dunster on 16 Apr 1837 aged 79.

An Elizabeth Dollin, aged 80, lived next door to John Dollin and Mary Ann Dollin nee Gould in Water Street, Dunster, at the time of the UK census on 7 June 1841. (Note: in the 1841 census, adult ages were rounded to the nearest multiple of five years.) She was living with Sarah Prescott and Sarah's three children.

The St George Church, Dunster, burial register records a Betty Dollin who was buried in Dunster on 8 May 1842 aged 80.

We were unable to find any headstones for Robert or Elizabeth Dollin in the churchyard in 2012.

Children of Robert Dollin and Elizabeth Long

Hannah Dollin - bap 1 May 1788 Dunster (Son of Robert/Elizabeth)
Mary Dollen - bap 10 Jan 1790 Dunster (Son of Robert/Elizabeth)
Betty Dollen - bap 12 May 1793 Dunster (Son of Robert/Elizabeth)
John Dollin - bap 26 Feb 1797 Timberscombe (Son of Robert/Betty)

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