Dollin Family in Dunster:
Records on an 1840 Parish Map

An 1840 Parish Map of Dunster, available from the Somerset Heritage Centre, shows many fascinating details of the houses and properties in Dunster at that time. An associated document titled 'Apportionment of the Rent Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of Dunster', lists the occupiers of each house and garden.

A Robert Dollin was listed as the occupier of Portion 104 at the end of Water Street (now known as Park Street).

Adjacent to portion 104, were three other fields that were associated with the Dollin name:

-- portion 549 described as 'Dollins Meadow'
-- portion 553 described as 'Dollins Meadow (Water Street)'
-- portion 554 described as 'Dollins Garden'

The map illustration below was constructed from the 1840 parish map. The names of the occupiers of each portion have been added in from the Apportionment of Rent Charge document.

The houses in Water Street (now Park Street) are shown in yellow. There was considerable open land in the street at that time. The kitchen garden of the Luttrell family (who lived in Dunster Castle) was opposite the home of Robert Dollin.

The quaint Gallox Bridge, a narrow hump-backed bridge designed for packhorses (see Dunster photo gallery) was just past the Dollin's house. During flood times, water sometimes reached the front of the Dollin's house.

Portions 549, 553 and 554 were associated with the Dollin name in the 1840 Apportionment of Rent Charge document but they were occupied at that time by other individuals. Perhaps they were fields that had been farmed by Robert Dollin in earlier years.

The pretty pink thatched cottage called Rose Cottage, that is seen in many photos of Dunster, is the house on portion106, then occupied by the Taylor family.

The Dunster watermill (which can still be visited in the town today) is shown on this map with its networks of water races.

Dunster Castle stands high on the hill on the right side of the map (portion 139).

The centre of the town and the old Dunster Yarn Market building is north east of the portion of the map shown on this page.

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