Other Dollin Families
in Taunton, Somerset

We have found two other Dollin families in Taunton that did not seem to be closely related to our ancestry line. The following trees are based on information from the UK census records and records in the parish registers of St James Church, Taunton.

Joseph Dollin
b c1823

Born in Taunton, Somerset. Son of John Dollin.

Shoemaker. Married Mary Ann ?Scarr on 29 March 1843 at St James Church, Taunton. Joseph's father was deceased at the time of Joseph's marriage.

Joseph 'Dolling' was living as an unmarried man in Taunton in 1841. In 1851, Joseph and Ann 'Dolling' lived in Liverpool, Lancashire. In 1861, Joseph and Ann Dollin were still living in Liverpool, Lancashire.

Children of Joseph Dollin and Mary Ann ?Scarr

Joseph Dollin - b 1843, Taunton; d 1843
Emily Dollin - b 1845, Taunton

James Dollin
b c 1815

Born in Taunton, Somerset.

Silk twister. Married Maria Stephens (b 1815 in Taunton) on 4 April 1836 at St James Church, Taunton.

James and Maria 'Dolton' were living in Taunton with four children, Harriet, Robert, Emily and John in 1851. In 1861 James and Maria 'Dollen' were still living in Taunton with children, Robert, Emily and John. In 1871, Joseph was a married man living as a pauper in Taunton. Joseph's wife, Maria, was a boarding house keeper in St Pancras, London, living with her now married daughter, Emily Howard.

Children of James Dollin and Maria Stephens

Harriet Dollin - b 1837
Robert Dollin
- b 1839; married Emma Cornish in 1868
Emily Dollin - b 1844, Taunton; married a Mr Howard
John Dollin - b 1852; married Elizabeth Hannah Rickon in 1877

Robert Dollin

Born in Taunton, Somerset. Son of James Dollin and Maria Stephens.

Cabinet maker. Married Emma Cornish in 1868.

Robert and Emma Dollin were living in Paddington, London, with two children, Rose and Frederick, in 1871. In 1891, Robert and Emma 'Dollen' were living in Battersea, London with children, Frederick, Evelyn, Robert and John. In 1901, Robert Dollin was still living in Battersea with Frederick, Evelyn, Robert and John

Children of Robert Dollin and Emma Cornish

Rose Dollin - b 1870, Taunton
Frederick A Dollin - b 1871, Paddington, London
Evelyn Dollin - b 1873, Camden, London
Robert H Dollin - b 1880, Holloway, London
John H Dollin - b 1882, Battesea, London

John Dollin
b 1852

Probably born in Taunton, Somerset although the 1881 census record seems to say Tiverton, Somerset. Son of James Dollin and Maria Stephens.

Organ builder and music instructor. Married Elizabeth Hannah Rickon, Professor of Music, in 1877 in Pancras, London.

John and Elizabeth Dollin were living in 58 Mansfield Rd, St Pancras, with children, Ethel and Henry, and Elizabeth's mother, Rachel Rickon in 1881. In 1891 John and Elizabeth Dollin were still living in the same house with their two children.

Children of John Dollin and Elizabeth Hannah Rickon

Ethel Dollin - b 1879, London
Henry Rickon Dollin - b 1880, London

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