Early Dollin Family Trees
in Middlesex and London

Early Dollin Family Trees in England > Middlesex and London

Quite a number of Dollin families lived in Middlesex and London from about 1841 to 1901 according to the UK census records. Many of these families originally came from other counties.

The main families recorded in these areas included:


-- Silas Dollin, born in Bridgewater, Somerset, in 1796 and his wife, Ann.

-- James Dollin, born in Devon, in 1800 and his wife, Georgiana, and children.

-- Levi Dollin, born in Gusterwood, Hertfordshire, in 1846 and his wife, Eliza, and children

-- Thomas Dollin, born in Buckinghamshire in 1842 and his wife, Eliza, and children

-- Arthur Dollin, born in Kimpton, Hertfordshire in 1868 and his wife, Annie M, and children

-- Albert H Dollin, born in Middlesex in 1871 and his wife, Margaret, and children


-- James Dollin, born in Taunton in 1805, and his wife, Mary

-- John S Dollin, born in Bridport, Dorset, in 1814 and his wife, Caroline and children

-- Maria Dollin, born in Taunton, Somerset, in 1819 and her daughter

-- Robert Dollin, born in Taunton, Somerset, in 1839 and his wife, Emma, and children

-- John Dollin, born in Tiverton, Somerset, in 1852 and his wife, Elizabeth Hannah Rickon, and children

-- Henry Dollin, born in Southampton, Hampshire, in 1875 and his wife, Martha and son

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